Developing Knowledge Translation Tools for Parents

A patient revolution is on the horizon - a revolution where patients, families and healthcare professionals actively work together in meaningful partnership. Essential to achieving this ambitious mission and simultaneously improving children's health outcomes is actively engaging children and their families in health care decision making. Critical to family involvement in children’s healthcare is ensuring that children and their families can have access to essential, often complex health information. It is well established that conventional modes (e.g., handouts) of communicating complex health information are insufficient and unintentionally may push families into passive bystanders, rather than active decision makers. Ensuring that families fully understand essential health information is critical to ensure efficient use of health services and ultimately improve health outcomes.

Through this stream of research, we will actively work with children, parents and healthcare professionals to develop, refine and evaluate novel knowledge translation tools to provide parents and families with the best available research presented in engaging and innovative ways to improve health outcomes and quality of life for children with a variety of illnesses and/or conditions.