Undergraduate Trainees

Sarah Wlaton, BScN (Honours) student

September 2016 marks the beginning of my third year in the University of Alberta nursing program.  This past summer, I participated in a research project with the ECHO team doing usability evaluation of arts-based digital tools for parents with acutely ill children.  My next research project is looking at the different ways researchers can engage patients and families in child health research.   I am passionate about leadership, education, and anything health-related and hope to continue on with further education after finishing my undergraduate degree.


Margaret Dell Scholarship (2016)

Margaret Olivia Cogswell Memorial Nursing Scholarship (2016)

Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarship (2016)

Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI) Summer Studentship Grant (2016)

Alberta Innovates- Health Solutions (AIHS) Summer Studentship Award (2016)

Faculty of Nursing Undergraduate Student Summer Research Award (2016)

Helen McArthur Scholarship in Nursing (2015)

Valerie Greentree Memorial Award (2015)

Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarship (2015)

University of Alberta Academic Excellence Scholarship (2014)

Elnora Lorraine (Sandham) Riddle Nursing Entrance Scholarship (2014)

Little Known Fact:I am half Italian and have grown up spending a lot of time visiting my family in Italy.   With this comes a love of food and travel- there is nothing I love better than sitting down to my Nonna’s cooking in the Italian countryside!

Mary Klute, BSc, MSc, BScN Student (After Degree)

I am currently going into my final year of the After Degree undergraduate program in the Faculty of Nursing. I began working with ECHO in July 2015. I have the privilege of coordinating a research study on parental pain information needs regarding their child’s surgical procedure in collaboration with the Stollery Children’s Hospital. My career goals include working as a pediatric nurse and pursing graduate studies in nursing.

Current Awards:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Health Professional Student Research Award (2015)
  • Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) Summer Studentship (2015)
  • Faculty of Nursing Student Research Award (2015)

Little known fact: When I am not studying, I can be found in a dance studio! 

Amy Zhang, BScN (Honours) student


I am currently in my second year of nursing undergraduate studies. I am interested in pediatric health, and look forward to working and learning with the ECHO research team. In addition this summer I also have the privilege to participate in research with Dr. Scott's ongoing research regarding knowledge translation in emergency pediatric departments through the summer studentship.

Current Awards:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Health Professional Student Research Award (2015)
  • Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) Summer Studentship (2015)
  • Women and Children's Health Research Institute (WCHRI) Summer Studentship (2015)
  • Faculty of Nursing Student Research Award (2015)

Little known fact: I would like to go hang gliding one day. 

Graduate Trainees

Alison Thompson, BN, MN, PhD student, Graduate Research Assistant at ECHO research

I am currently in my first year of my PhD program in Nursing via online delivery.  I am a Nurse Practitioner living and working in Thunder Bay, ON.  I maintain clinical practice positions at an Aboriginal Health Access Centre (AHAC) and a regional pediatric obesity program.  I am interested in many areas of pediatric care and look forward to exploring the role of knowledge translation tools to improve outcomes for families and children.   I am also interested in the potentials for Narrative Theory in nursing, examining stories as a navigational strategy.  


Dr. Shirley Stinson Scholarship in Nursing History (2016)

University of Alberta PhD Recruitment Scholarship (2016)

Nurse Practitioner’s Association of Ontario, Huronia NP Network Bursary Award (2016)

Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship (2005)

Jill E. Schneuker Fellowship in Nursing Sciences (2005)

Don Mazankowski Graduate Scholarship (2004)

Paediatric Excellence Scholarship (2000)

Little known fact: My favourite summer activity is having a hot sauna then jumping off the dock with my kids.

Alyson Campbell, RN, BScN, MN student

I am currently in my first year of nursing graduate studies at the University of Alberta, under the advisement of Dr. Shannon Scott.  I am also working as a research assistant for Dr. Scott’s program.  My future research focus will be formulating an updated systematic review on paediatric knowledge translation strategies.  My clinical background includes maternal-child care nursing and I am committed to involving myself in research practices aimed towards improving health outcomes for children and families.

Little known fact: I was born and raised on the east coast of Canada (Prince Edward Island).  Beaches, potatoes and Anne of Green Gables will always be close to my heart!

Kimberly Hodge, RN, BScN, MN, NP

I am currently employed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital working in labour and delivery as a Nurse Practitioner after completing my graduate studies in August 2015. My capstone project examined a concept known as ‘spin’, which is the misrepresentation of non-statistically significant findings in quantitative research. I am a founding member of MENTOR US, a peer-to-peer mentorship program for graduate students in the faculty of nursing at the University of Alberta.

• Faculty of Nursing Graduate Studies Scholarship 2012 - 2015
• University of Alberta Tuition Remission 2015
• Alberta Heritage Scholarship 2014
• Ludmyla Zujewsky Memorial Scholarship 2013
• Canadian Institute of Health Research 2008
• Jason Lang Scholarship 2007, 2008

Research Experience and publications
• Norris, A., Hodge, K., Cooper, S.L., & Howell, C. (2014). MENTOR US: A peer-peer mentorship project. Olive Yonge Teaching and Learning Scholarship Day. [POSTER, ABSTRACT and SYMPOSIUM SESSION]
• Cooper, S., Hodge, K., Norris, A., & Howell, C. (2014). MENTOR US: A peer-peer mentorship project. Margaret Scott Wright Research Day. [ORAL PRESENTATION]
• McLean, L. & Hodge, K. (2015). MENTOR US: A peer-peer mentorship project. Alberta Student Leadership Summit. [ORAL PRESENTATION]
• Hodge, K., Cooper, S.L., Howell, C., & Norris, A. (2013). MENTOR US: A peer-peer mentorship project. Heroes for Health, Healthy Campus Symposium [POSTER And ABSTRACT]
• Lasiuk, G., Hodge, K. (2009). Implications of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A synthesis of the Literature. Margaret Scott Wright Research Day. [ORAL PRESENTATION]
• Lasiuk, G. C., Hodge, K., & Hegadoren, K. M. (2009). Implications of childhood sexual abuse for pregnancy, birthing and early postpartum period: A synthesis of the literature. 16th International Nursing Conference of the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International. [DEVELOPED ORAL PRESENTATION]
• Lasiuk, G. C., & Hodge, K. (2009). Vulnerability and openness: The childbearing experience of women with histories of sexual abuse. Into the Light: Transforming Mental Health Care in Canada. [CREATED POSTER FOR PRESENTATION]
• Lasiuk, G., Howell, C., Hodge, K. (2008). Nurse Led CBT group for women with Anxiety Disorder. Margaret Scott Wright Research Day. [POSTER PRESENTATION]

Little known fact: I love kickboxing, long distance bike riding and hip hop dance!

Lauren Albrecht, BEd, MEd, PhD Student, Research Coordinator at ECHO Research

I began working with ECHO in 2009 and have had the opportunity to work on numerous research projects. I started doctoral studies in Fall 2014 in the Department of Pediatrics, supervised by Drs. Shannon Scott & Lisa Hartling. As part of my PhD  studies, I amcoordinating a CIHR Knowledge to Action Grant (S.Scott & L.Hartling, PIs)  to develop and pilot test 2 digital knowledge translation tools for caregivers about  croup and gastroenteritis. My doctoral research will extend this project to evaluate the  KT tools for gastroenteritis. 


  • AIHS Graduate Studentship (2015-2019)
  • WCHRI Graduate Studentship (2015-2017)
  • TREKK Graduate Studentship (2014-2015)
  • ECHO/CIHR Knowledge to Action Grant Graduate Studentship (2014-2016)

Little known fact: I played cornerback on an all-boys football team in my youth!

Mandy Archibald, RN, BScN, PhD Candidate, Pediatric Nurse at the Stollery Children's Hospital


I am currently in my final year of doctoral studies, co-supervised by Drs. Shannon Scott & Lisa Hartling. I will be defending my PhD in December, 2015. I have an astute interest in health communications, including how the arts (e.g, storytelling, visual arts) can be used to help families understand health information, and how healthcare providers and families communicate about health conditions and treatment expectations. Currently, I am a co-investigator on two funded CIHR and two funded KT Canada grants related to knowledge translation in child health, and am the elected student executive board member on the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA).


  • ARNET Presidents Scholarship, Doctoral Level (2012 & 2013 & 2015)
  • CCHCSP Doctoral Award (2011-2015)
  • Andrew Stewart Memorial Prize (2014)
  • College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) TD Meloche Monnex Scholarship (2014)
  • WCHRI Graduate Studentship (2011-2013)
  • Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship (2011-2015)
  • Jannetta MacPhail Award (2013)
  • Amy Graham Dunlap Graduate Scholarship (2013)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship, Doctoral Level (2011)
  • Coca-Cola Student Achievement Award (2011)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship, Master’s Level (2010-2011)
  • Recruitment Scholarship, Masters Level (2010-2011)
  • Student's Union Coca-Cola Student Achievement Award (2011)

Highlighted Publications:

  1. Archibald, M., Radil, A., Zhang, Z., Hassar, B., & Hanson, B. (2015). Current mixed methods practices in qualitative research: a content analysis of leading journals. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Special Issue: How Mixed Methods Informs and Enhances Qualitative Research, 14(2), 5-33.

  2. Archibald, M., Caine, V., Ali, S., Hartling, L., & Scott, S. (2015). What is left unsaid: an interpretive description of the information needs of parents of children with asthma. Research in Nursing and Health, 38(1), 19-28.

  3. Archibald, M. (2015). Investigator triangurch. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/1558689815570092.
  4. Archibald, M., Caine, V., & Scott, S. (2014). The development of a classification schema for arts-based approaches to knowledge translation.  Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing. 
  5. Archibald, M., & Clark, A. (2013). Twitter and nursing research: how Diffusion of Innovation Theory can help uptake. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 70(3)
  6. Fraser, K., Archibald, M., & Nissen, C. (2013). Discovering the meaning of home care using an arts-based and qualitative approach (RCV-0223-E). The Canadian Journal on Aging, 33(3-4) (2014)
  7. Albrecht, L., Archibald, M., Arseneau, D., & Scott, S. (2013). Development of a tool to measure the quality of reporting of behavior change intervention studies using the WIDER recommendations: A narrative account. Implementation Science, 8(52). doi:10.1186/1748-5908-8-52  (*highly accessed status) 
  8. Scott, S.D., Brett-MacLean, P., Archibald, M., & Hartling, L. (2013). Protocol for a systematic review of the use of narrative storytelling and visual arts-based approaches as knowledge translation tools in healthcare. Systematic Reviews, 2(19). doi: 10.1186/2046-4053-2-19
  9. Archibald, M., Scott. S.D. & Hartling, L. (2013). Mapping the waters: A scoping review of the use of visual arts in pediatric populations with health conditions. Arts & Health. doi:10.1080/17533015.2012.759980 
  10. Archibald, M. & Scott, S. (2012). The information needs of North-American parents of children with asthma: a state-of-the-science review of the literature. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 12(1). Doi:10.1016/j.pedhc.2012.07.003
  11. Archibald, M. (2011). The Holism of Aesthetic Knowing in Nursing. Nursing Philosophy, 13(3).
  12. Scott, S. D., & Hartling, L., O’Leary, K., Archibald, M., & Klassen, T. (2011). Stories: A Novel Approach to Transfer Complex Health Information to Parents. Arts and Health, 4(2).

Little known fact: I am a painter and a musician!

Rachel Flynn, BScN, MScN, PhD Student, Graduate Research Assistant at ECHO Research

I began my doctoral studies at the Faculty of Nursing in Fall 2013. For my doctoral research I am conducting a rapid realist review and realist evaluation of Lean (a quality improvement management system) in pediatric healthcare. My research areas of interest are improvement science and implementation science. I am specifically interested in evaluating processes and interventions used to improve the quality of healthcare systems using realist methodology. I have also worked as a research assistant at ECHO since 2012, gaining research experience on several nationally funded qualitative and mixed methods research grants.


  • AIHS Clinician Fellowship (2015-2018)
  • KT Canada STIHR Fellowship (2014-2015)
  • Women & Children's Health Research Institute Graduate Studentship (2014-2015)
  • Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (ARNET) (2014) Kathleen Cahill Memorial Scholarship
  • Faculty of Nursing Don Mazankowski Award (2014)
  • Mike McDonnell Scholarship (2013)
  • Stipend from Dr. Scott's Canada Research Chair, funded through the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta (2013-2014)

Highlighted publications:

  1. Flynn, R., Sundaram, A., Bolstad, J. & Pittman E. (2015). A Call to Action: Quality Improvement in Healthcare Should Start at Student Education. University of Alberta Health Sciences Journal (UAHSJ) 11(1) 18-19.
  2. Adegboyega K.L, Rotter T., Kinsman, L. Sari, N., Harrison, L., Jeffery, C., Kutz, M.,Khan, F.M. & Flynn, R. (2014). Lean Management in health care: What are the effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes (systematic review protocol), BMC Systematic Reviews 3:103.
  3. Samuel, S., Scott, S., Morgan, C., Dart, A., Mammen, C., Parekh, R., Nettel-Aguirre, A., Eddy,A., Flynn, R., et al. (2014). The Canadian Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome (CHILDNEPH) Project: overview of design and methods. Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease 1:17.
  4. Flynn, R. & Mulcahy, H. (2013). Early-onset dementia: the impact on family caregivers. British Journal of Community Nursing 18 (12), 598-606. (Master’s thesis)

Little known fact: I love adventure and travel… a skydive in Australia, a glacier climb in New Zealand, an elephant trek in Thailand, white water rafting in America, surfing in Ireland, and horseback riding in the Rockies these are some of the travels and adventures I have had!

Allison Norris, BA, BScN, MN student, Pediatric Nurse at the Stollery Children's Hospital, Graduate Research Assistant at ECHO Research

AllisonI am currently in my second year of nursing graduate studies. I enjoy getting involved with research that will improve the lives of paediatric patients and their families. I am currently President of the Nursing Graduate Students' Association and the Executive Director of MENTOR US.


  • June McCormack Book Prize Award (2015)
  • Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (ARNET) TD Meloche Monnex Award (2015)
  • Student's Union Coca Cola Student Achievement Award (2015)
  • Dr. Rene McElroy Day Scholarship (2014)

Little known fact: I play the celtic harp.